Saturday, 3 August 2013

How I Loose Fat- You Can Also Lose Fat Easily

Real story on fat loss magazine faced with these challenges Irma reckoned a outdoing frustration due to the fact that she aimed to see to cut her weight view and feel better, but never could. "After having four kids my body was weak, especially my stomach, and I was totally out of space," explains Irma."I was also tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and the fact that my old clothes no longer fit me make me crazy. It was then, at the age of 35, that I was hit with the rigid realization that I Can't eat what I please and expect to cut weight. The problem I faced was that I did not know to start taking control of my situations."
Following a great  bargain of introspection Irma realised that she essentially needed to get a balanced life that worked for her and as well her situations. "I knew that I needed to work on the outsde to really feel content on the inside. My mind was always busy thinking about how I could lose weight and look good, I just lacked the knowledge and direction required to get me on the road to a new body," She told.
It was then that Irma's husband came and suggsted that she enter the USN/94.7 12 week lifestyle challenge."I remember being very excited at the prospect as this was my opportunity to start something, learn more and find the motivation I needed to transform in my body, but i never thought that I was going to get selected as the winner."
Armed with a training program and eat as well as a supplemental plan USN, Irma made ​​the commitment and started the 12-week challenge. "It feels good to finally have a direction and a plan thanks to the USN team" continues Irma.
That reminds Irma at the beginning of the challenge was too come to think clearly."But I soon realized that to feel good physically a person has to work hard and, like any challenge in life, you have to plan, apply yourself and establish a good support structure to help you along the way. "
The exercise program that includes Irma USN received five sessions of weight training a week, which were followed by a cardio workout."Because of my busy schedule and lifestyle you could not do everything in the morning, so I started to train twice a day. I chose to train on my own so I thought I would show the USN team and to other mothers and ladies who do not train that body transformation can be achieved just by following a good program. "
 Irma reckoned "Fat loss magazine is really helpful magazine for weight loss"
According to Irma, the biggest challenge he faced during the 12 weeks I was learning to eat clean and healthy food six times a day."This was a huge life change for me and I had to create a balanced, healthy menu that was both functional and easy to follow. USN made ​​this very easy with the recommended diet and supplements its range, it really helped in the process. "

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